"Before using Perfect Face products I was really unhappy with my sunspots, dull skin and uneven skin tone. I hate wearing make up, but felt more and more like I had to on a daily basis. I really can't say enough about Perfect Face products... is 'life changing' too corny or dramatic? Only three weeks in and my sunspots had disappeared, my skin is so vibrant and even and I don't ever feel the need to wear make up. My friends and family have all demanded I send them Dr. Zoe's info! The best part of it all - the ripple effect that taking care of and investing in yourself has on the rest of your life."

- Martica W.

"Dr. Zoe has changed the way I look at my skin.  She has made it so easy to embrace my skin with the help of her botox treatments and skincare line. Dr. Zoe helps us to believe in our skin and love the skin we are in! Thank you for taking the secrets out of perfect skin. Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine will make you proud to share your skincare regimen with the world!"

- C.K.

"As I approach 40 I've noticed my skin aging, I've never had "problem" skin, but all of the sudden I seemed to have dark spots and deepening lines I wasn't thrilled about. I went to see Dr. Zoe at Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine with a tall request: please give me my 22 yr old skin back!! The Perfect Face skincare line delivered 100%! No more dark spots, skin texture and tone is amazing, lines are say I'm pleased is a gross understatement! I am now spoiled and will not use any other products or let anyone but Dr. Zoe touch my face. Amazing results!"

- Jen Hastings

"I met Zoe on my 30th birthday while we were out on a very early morning run (sans makeup). I remember thinking that her skin was flawless and how at 6am? We started chatting about skincare regimens, and I decided that in my 30th year I was going to start taking better care of my skin. I went into her office for a peel and without hesitation I went for a very intense peel with a commitment to protect my face from the sun for the rest of summer...and for good. After the peel I started running and walking everywhere with a hat on and PFAM’s Shade sunscreen. After a month of healing, my brown spots and skin discoloration were gone and I began to take more pride in my skin than ever before. My skin tone is more even and radiant. My daily routine starts with Perfect Face products and ends with them too. My clients ask me regularly what I have been doing to my skin because it glows. I cannot say enough good things about her products and her personally. She genuinely cares about her clients and her products are the best out there."

- J.B.

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