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How can you get the most out of your visit to PFAM? With our new Treatment Stacking feature, you can easily book our most popular treatment combinations for one visit.

Choose from our curated list of treatment stacking options and bundle your skin to-do’s to maximize your results, and simplify your day! Your already well-spent time at PFAM is about to become even more perfect.

Aquagold Super Facial + Botox

This pair is known to create the dreamiest of glows, all in one single appointment! Aquagold uses micro-channeling technology to deliver a customized cocktail of botox, filler, skin brightening vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, into the superficial layer of the skin. The result?  A plump and hydrated filter-like smoothing effect.  Botox is then injected into specific facial muscles, a bit deeper below the surface, to address and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. A PFAM favorite to get your glow on prior to any special event. This treatment stacker has zero downtime, but plan ahead because peak results take 10-14 days.

Botox + B12 Burn Shot

Treat your inner and outer perfect with this duo of services. The B12 Burn Shot stimulates metabolism and burns fat while also providing the essential B12 vitamin (that so many of us are deficient in) to improve mood, energy, and immune system function. All those feel good vibes are enhanced by loving the way you look with Botox injections used to soften fine lines and wrinkles, creating a glow that reflects your inner perfection.

Botox + Chemical Peel

Give your skin the ultimate refresh with this glowy. line-smoothing combination. With Botox as the ultimate wrinkle and fine line preventing treatment, a range of medical grade chemical peels are used to enhance your glow by evening out complexion, improving texture, and reducing acne. Yes please!

Botox + VI Peel

Get ready to reveal your perfect with a ToxBooster duo. Combine a VI Peel resurfacing treatment + Botox injections on the same day to experience a total skin transformation that will leave you visibly aging well. This treatment stack is the skin-rejuvenating wrinkle-smoothing powerhouse you have been waiting for.

Botox + PRF Under Eye Treatment

This might be the injectable combination of your skin dreams. Botox helps to create smooth wrinkle-less skin, and a glow that is unparalleled (Yes! Botox does something special to the skin.). PRF injections are then targeted into the under eye area, a space where volume loss and crepey thin skin calls for an extra boost. Platelet Rich Fibrin is created from your own blood and contains growth factors and stem cells along with other bioregenerative properties to help revitalize and brighten the under eye area. Talk about getting the best results possible during your precious time in the PFAM chair.

Lip + Chin Filler

Facial harmony requires a delicate balance between your lips and chin. Many people do not realize that the shape and contour of the chin is crucial for aging well and often determines if we look more masculine or feminine, youthful or aged. Its role in elongating the jawline, balancing the face, and beautifying the profile is unmistakable. With beautifully engineered hyaluronic acid gel fillers we can hydrate the lips, provide definition and harmonize the lower face. Using our anti-aging filler approach and by stacking chin and lip treatments together, we can more holistically and naturally rejuvenate your entire look.

Microneedling + Perfect Beauty IV

Our collagen-boosting, glow-enhancing (and PFAM favorite) Microneedling is a great stand alone treatment for boosting the skin’s natural ability to heal and repair. The results only get better when paired with the blend of vitamins C, B complex, Biotin, Zinc and Glutathione in the Perfect Beauty IV. These ingredients not only support collagen production, they also ensure optimal function of the antioxidant system, aid in cellular repair. and encourage growth factors. Tighten, brighten, and thicken skin with this perfect pair.

Microneedling + PRF Under Eye Treatment

Target dark circles, loss of volume, and crepey skin under the eyes with two treatments seemingly made to compliment one another. While Microneedling works to boost collagen production and thicken skin in the under eye area, PRF injections can subtly enhance tissue volume in this area, improve the look of crepey skin and improve blood flow. Certainly, an unmatched total under eye refresh!

Perfect Beauty IV + VI Peel

Tighten, brighten, smooth, and thicken skin with this perfect pair. The VI Peel resurfacing treatment + Perfect Beauty IV is truly a glow-enhancing stack that will release your perfect from the inside out. The VI Peel can target concerns including anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne-prone skin, and acne scarring. The results only get better when paired with the Perfect Beauty IV, a blend of vitamins C, B complex, Biotin, Zinc and Glutathione. These ingredients not only support collagen production, they also ensure optimal function of the antioxidant system, aid in cellular repair and encourage growth factors. Resurface, rejuvenate, refresh and rebuild with this perfect stack.

RejuVAnate Feminine Rejuvenation + O-Shot

Increase sensation capability for women by holistically treating the vaginal canal, clitoris, and G Spot. Painless CO2 laser is used to stimulate the healing response of tissue in the vaginal canal for improved tone, hydration, and sensation. The O-Shot then uses platelet-rich plasma to encourage growth, rejuvenation, and healing at a cellular level. Together these treatments increase sexual desire and natural lubrication, resulting in greater arousal and stronger, more frequent orgasms.

Sculptra + Botox

If your goal is to smooth, plump, and tighten can there be a better combination? We simply don’t think so! With this treatment stack, you get all the instant gratification of eliminating wrinkles with botox, combined with the huge bonus of helping to restore the skin's foundation. Through the use of Sculptra you’ll see tighter, firmer, and restored skin volume with a noticeable improvement in overall quality. While your Botox wears off, all that extra collagen from your Sculptra will be kicking in. Win win!

Sculptra + Lip Filler

Skin as supple and smooth as one that’s been treated with Sculptra deserves to be put on stage! How better to amplify your look, pairing the perfect pout with the perfect canvas (your skin!). Added bonus: both Sculptra and Lip Filler provide results with longevity. With Sculptra, you’ll be enjoying your noticeably youthful look for up to two years! This stack is THE treatment duo that keeps on giving - excellent return on investment!

Sculptra + PRF Under Eye

Talk about a collagen-boosting stack, this duo is IT! While Sculptra goes to work restoring volume to areas of the face that have lost volume and elasticity, such as the temples and cheeks, PRF comes in with that main character energy to improve the texture and tone to that ever-so-delicate skin under your eyes! This ultimate duo, when used together, can deliver natural-looking and long-lasting results. Through the use of Sculptra, you’ll see tighter, firmer, and restored skin volume and structure with a noticeable improvement in overall quality. PRF stimulates tissue regeneration and repair, tapping into the power of your body’s own healing properties. Sculptra + PRF can provide a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, tailored to your individual needs and goals, helping you age well and unlock your perfect.

CO2 Skin Resurfacing + PRF Serum

The gold standard for skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction, fractionated CO2 laser tightens and brightens skin to reveal a youthful glow. As a treatment with one of the longer recovery periods (2 weeks of downtime), CO2 laser pairs perfectly with PRF. A quick blood draw allows us to use the regenerative properties found in platelet-rich plasma as a serum following laser treatment. PRF not only enhances laser results through its own smoothing, brightening, and collagen-boosting properties, it also helps to decrease recovery time and soothes the skin as it heals.

CO2 Under Eye Skin Resurfacing + PRF Under Eye Treatment

For tighter and brighter under eyes, this combination brings together the best of CO2 laser resurfacing and PRF injections. While fractionated Co2 laser reveals youthful skin under the eyes, PRF injections can subtly enhance tissue volume in this area, improve the look of crepey skin and improve blood flow. Certainly, an unmatched total under eye refresh!

RF Microneedling + PRF Under Eye Treatment

This ultimate skin-brightening duo is the treatment stack of your glowy skin dreams. Radiofrequency microneedling delivers targeted radiofrequency waves into the dermis for skin-tightening that starts beneath the surface of the skin. This leads to refined structure at the surface and an overall dewy glow. Paired with PRF injections under the eyes, this treatment also targets an area where volume loss and discoloration are common. PRF can subtly replace lost volume while also stimulating collagen production, growth factors, and blood flow to brighten and tighten under the eyes. For rejuvenating and refreshing, this is it!

PRF Under Eye Treatment + Lip Filler

The eyes and lips are some of the most expressive parts of your perfect face. In a single appointment, transform them both with injections of PRF and filler that create a look you love because you feel so good. PRF injections under the eyes improve blood flow and stimulate growth factors to fill in lost volume, brighten, and tighten the under eye area. Filler placed in the lips accentuates your natural shape while adding volume to create a “can’t stop looking in the mirror” result. This treatment stack is all about letting your personality and perfection shine through!

VI Peel + Lip Filler

A duo so perfect your beautifully natural, youthful skin and lips will thank you later! The VI Peel resurfacing treatment + Lip Filler stack is a next-level combination. Target concerns include anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne-prone skin, and acne scarring with a VI Peel. Now combine lip enhancements with filler transporting you to new levels of confidence, and letting your perfect shine. Once you fall in love with your results, you will want them to last!

VI Peel + PRF Under Eye Treatment

This skin dreams duo is sure to rejuvenate and reset your skin! The VI Peel resurfacing treatment will start off by tightening skin, smoothing texture, brightening tone, and improving clarity of your skin. Followed up by a gift from YOU for YOU, say hello to PRF injections for the under eye area and say goodbye to crepey, dark and tired looking eyes. PRF stimules tissue generation and repair, tapping into the power of your body’s own healing factors that help you age well and unlock your perfect. 


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