My Dream Is

I want you to feel good about yourself.

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It was all born from family

On September 30th, 2011, I flew across the country to be by my sister’s side as she gave birth to her first baby. The experience was transcendent; I felt a bond almost immediately with this tiny new life. It affected me profoundly, in a way that I’ve never before felt despite being present at hundreds of births as an anesthesiologist.

While I was taking photos of my sister and her new baby I found I was absolutely mesmerized by that tiny, perfect face. So innocent, beautiful and (mostly) content. That same month I decided to turn my passion into a business. While considering what to name my company, I was drawn to those pictures I took of my niece. I could stare forever at her little perfect face! And so, with all this love in mind, Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine was born.
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And it grew from passion

Most of my life has revolved around science and medicine. I was trained in anesthesiology at Stanford and practiced for several years as an officer in the Navy. Still, I craved something more. I fell in love with aesthetic medicine as it allowed me to express and nurture my artistic side while still being a precise and technical field; it is an exacting craft in which I’m able to help people feel more confident about the way they look. Having endured my own struggles with both acne and melasma, I understand and empathize with all of my clientele.

So, my aim is simple - I want my entire PFAMily to feel good about themselves.

My promises to you

Perfect Face Promise


My practice is my craft

Aesthetic medicine is a challenging field; one must master both its techniques and the ability to apply them artistically. And at Perfect Face, being able to work with my hands while finding creative outlet is what brings me joy.
Perfect Face Promise


Honesty is my policy

At Perfect Face, you’re receiving treatments I give my family, and you’re buying products I use myself. In my practice, there’s no room for fluff. In order for my clients to receive exactly what they want, the relationship needs to be built on the utmost transparency and trust.
Perfect Face Promise


You're a member of my family

I love the way Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine has grown over the past 6 years in San Diego and beyond. Having my clients spread their love of PFAM by word of mouth has allowed me to grow my practice in a way that feels homey. It’s like each person who walks through my door is family. I love the connections we are able to make and the stories that we share.