Perfect Match Made In Heaven

Perfect Match Made In Heaven
Perfect Match Made In Heaven

Perfect Match Made In Heaven

Some things just belong together! They may be good on their own, but these two bring out the best in each other, they're a Perfect Match Made In Heaven. The secret to this beautiful relationship is all in the ingredients.

Perfect Change Serum combines the anti-aging properties of retinol with the resurfacing power of TCA to reveal fresh and buttery soft skin. When using ANY retinol product, it takes time for our skin to adjust. It's completely normal to experience dry, flaky, sensitive skin. And that is where The One comes in!

The One is formulated with 24K gold and snail mucin growth factor. These ingredients are capable of gentle resurfacing, so they support everything Perfect Change Serum is doing. But they also go deep in the skin, hydrating and balancing so that the surface of the skin is calm and nourished. 

By bringing together this Perfect Match, we're elevating resurfacing results (smoothing out texture and evening tone) while keeping the skin hydrated, comforted and you know it...glowing!

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Key Ingredients 

  • 1% retinol encourages healthy skin cell turnover and prevents the breakdown of collagen. This refines the surface of the skin while also thickening deeper layers of skin where wrinkles form.
  • TCA is a chemical peel ingredient, rarely found in daily skincare, that exfoliates to reveal smooth, firm, evenly toned skin.
  • Antioxidants in 24K gold also encourage increased cell turnover and collagen production, just in a much more gentle fashion. 
  • Snail mucin has naturally occurring hyaluronic and glycolic acids, which hydrate and balance deep layers of the skin, while also healing and smoothing at the surface. 

How To Layer

The One can be used morning and night, but we always save our most active resurfacing (with products like Perfect Change Serum) for night time. So this combination of The One and Perfect Change Serum should be incorporated into your evening lineup. In general the rule is layer products thinnest to thickest, but there's much more behind why The One gets layered first and is followed by Perfect Change Serum. 

  • The molecule size of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in The One is very small, which means this product easily penetrates the skin. This helps lock in moisture before using retinol, which usually has a drying effect on the skin.
  • Locking in moisture will make retinol usage much more comfortable, and compliments the results of retinol by ensuring the skin being revealed is plump, dewy, and hydrated. 
Dr. Zoe's Notes
Learn how to properly layer your products and get the most of them by referring to my layering guide.
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Return Policy

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