Mask Up Clear Up Lineup

Mask Up Clear Up Lineup
Mask Up Clear Up Lineup

Mask Up Clear Up Lineup

Some of us are masking up and feeling the consequences more than others - maybe you're going back to school, working in healthcare, or perhaps you're right up on the frontlines of this pandemic (I salute you). This lineup is for you!

This lineup was born of the need to keep your skin calmer while wearing a face covering. Not only do we want our PFAMily safe, we want you cared for. So we custom designed The Perfect Mask to keep you feeling good (and looking cute) while staying covered.

Wearing a face covering keeps you and your community safe, but it can cause congestion of the skin and worsening of acne breakouts. Dr. Spot is the perfect product to incorporate under your mask so your skin stay more calm and clear.

And don't forget the Perfecting Charcoal Mask for that post-face-covering rejuvenation! The activated charcoal in this purifying and lightly exfoliating mask acts like a magnet to absorb dirt, oil and bacteria, purifying and ridding your skin of impurities.

Products in this lineup:

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Dr. Zoe's Notes
Learn how to properly layer your products and get the most of them by referring to my layering guide.
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Return Policy

While we hope that you are 100% satisfied with the PFAM Skincare products, we regrettably cannot guarantee the satisfaction, appropriateness, or utility of each product for each person. Everyone's skin type, skin sensitivity, and health concerns are different, and we advise discussing your skin care choices with your personal medical doctor in advance of undertaking any new skin care routine. In the event that you need to return a product, we are pleased to accept returns for any unopened, unused products, within 14 days of purchase. Return shipping cost is paid by the customer. Please email with any concerns.