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PFAM Serum Sampler
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Mini Serum Sampler

This collection of 4 mini PFAM serums can be the perfect way to incorporate targeted ingredients into any skincare regimen. Or if you’re already loving PFAM skincare, this set can be kept on standby and used as your travel lineup!

The sampler contains 5mL of each of the following serums:

  • C Glow: 20% L-ascorbic acid anhydrous formula with vitamins E and ferric acid to enhance antioxidant protection. Learn more here.
  • X5 Skin Renewal Serum: 5 types of alpha + beta hydroxy acids to lift pigment and refine skin texture. Learn more here.
  • Total Repair Serum: a unique hydrating, firming and reparative anti-aging serum. Learn more here.
  • Liquid Gold: All trans retinol booster used to induce a collagen explosion for the skin. Learn more here.


The layering scheme for these minis would be:

  • Wash
  • X5 Skin Renewal Serum
  • Total Repair Serum
  • C Glow
  • Moisturize/SPF
  • Wash
  • Total Repair Serum
  • Moisturize
**Liquid Gold should be used by itself at night once a week only; do not layer with any other products.
Dr. Zoe's Notes
Feel good about your purchase. See my return policy .

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