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Meet Dr. Karim Rafaat, Mr. Dr. Perfect Face

Dr. Karim Rafaat is the newest member of the PFAMily. When he’s not practicing Jiu Jitsu or breaking a sweat in the garage gym, he’s practicing as a pediatric anesthesiologist or spending time with his own two little ones. He brings a male touch and embodies the look good, feel good vibe of Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Karim Rafaat is board certified in pediatrics, pediatric intensive care, anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia. He is certified in aesthetics by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. But his most notable achievement is, in fact, being the husband of PFAM owner, Dr. Zoe Rafaat. He sincerely hopes he can live up to both her standards and those of the whole PFAMily.

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