Meet Courtney Cicourel, RN

Inspired by her passion for aesthetic medicine and the talent of Dr. Zoe Rafaat and team, Courtney joined PFAM to bring her own talents and perfect vibes to our skincare loving community. Courtney holds a bachelor's degree in nursing from California State University, San Marcos and a second bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Washington.

Courtney began her career as a Step Down Nurse where she developed a keen eye for progressive care nursing. As a certified progressive care nurse, Courtney advanced her skills in monitoring and assessing critically ill patients. After years at the bedside, Courtney moved to procedural nursing where she perfected technical skills in IV placement, moderate sedation, and patient monitoring. She then pursued her interest in aesthetic nursing and fell in love with making people feel amazing on the inside and out. Aesthetic nursing has given Courtney the ability to be creative while she continues to apply her medical and personal skills to making people feel beautiful and cared for.

Courtney prides herself in a holistic approach to patient care, including but not limited to laser and injectable treatments. Courtney’s aesthetic approach is rooted in harmonizing natural beauty and aesthetic medicine to help people see, feel, and love their perfect.

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