What to expect:

The chemical peel solution will cause a stinging, burning sensation that will resolve within a few minutes. You may notice a “whitening” effect to the skin just before it begins to turn red from the peel solution. This is normal. You may feel the stinging and burning sensation for some time after application of the peel.

Temporary skin dehydration ranging from mild dryness to slight crusting may occur for the first few days following your peel. Some temporary discoloration may also occur. Peeling of the skin will occur on day 3-4 following the peel and should be complete by day 7-9. This will reveal pink, ‘new’ skin for up to two weeks following the peel. This new skin is likely to be sensitive and should be treated with care and protected from the sun.

Upon completion of your peel, you will be required to wear a UV protective hat or clothing over the areas treated to avoid any UV exposure to your freshly peeled skin. This is recommended for at least 14 days. Try and AVOID sun exposure at all costs! This includes tanning beds!

Post Treatment Instructions

  • Do not wear make-up the day of your peel.
  • Avoid exercise, and extreme temperatures for 24 hours following your peel. This includes hot/cold shower, sauna/steam room, hot blow dryer directed to the treated area.
  • You can cleanse your skin with warm water using a mild cleanser. Use your fingertips or DewPuff ONLY, not a wash cloth to cleanse your skin. Follow with mild moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Do NOT peel, scratch or rub the treated skin even if you feel that it itches - use a mild over the counter hydrocortisone cream if necessary for the itching. The itching is a normal part of the healing process, and it will resolve, but If you scratch at it, you may induce a wound that can lead to discoloration or infection. If itching is severe, you can take 25 mg Benadryl at night.
  • Do NOT use abrasive scrubs, cleansers or cloths on your skin for the next 10-14 days.
  • Do NOT schedule an appointment for airbrush or spray on tanning to the area treated by the peel for at least 2 weeks post treatment to insure the area is healed. A physical SPF (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide containing) should be applied in the morning and frequently throughout the day when necessary. It is best NOT to expose the peeled areas at all, by wearing a hat or protective clothing that can shield the newly peeled skin from the sun.
  • You must continue to use a daily sunscreen for 2 months after your peel to insure the highest level of improvement and lowest incidence of any sun exposure resulting in discoloration.
  • Do NOT apply and retinoids, benzoyl peroxides, glycolic or beta hydroxy acids to your skin for 14 days.
  • Do NOT undergo any laser hair removal, waxing, microdermabrasion or facial treatments for one month after your peel.
  • Contact the doctor IMMEDIATELY for any infection, abnormal signs or symptoms such as discharge, pus formation, swelling, out of control pain, or adverse events so that you can be evaluated immediately and any necessary care may be given.
  • If you are not able to reach the doctor – and you feel that you are having a reaction to the peel, you need to go to the closest emergency room for evaluation and treatment.
  • You may return to your pre peel skin care routine at 10-14 days.

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