Travel Lite Lineup

Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine - PFAM La Jolla - Travel Lite Lineup
Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine - PFAM La Jolla - Travel Lite Lineup

Travel Lite Lineup

Dr. Zoe tailored this lineup for herself to minimize the time and thought required to pack up toiletries for travel. The Travel Lite Lineup makes it easy to ensure you always have what you need. And, because the products are mainly minis, you can pack 8 products in a tiny cosmetic case! They are all TSA approved sizes so you can even carry them on.

Products in this lineup include:

  • Active Cleanse Mini
  • Defense Mini (not pictured)
  • X5 Serum Mini
  • Dr. Spot 
  • Total Repair Serum Mini
  • C Glow Mini 
  • Dew Mini 
  • Shade Mini
  • Liquid Gold Mini 

You save 10% on these products when purchased here as a lineup.

Some products in this lineup are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Dr. Zoe's Notes

Follow the below schedule to maximize the effects of this lineup. See Dr. Zoe’s Notes under each individual product page for specific instructions on use.


  • Active Cleanse
  • X5 Serum
  • Dr. Spot (roll on to any active blemishes)
  • Total Repair Serum
  • C Glow
  • Dew
  • Shade


  • Defense
  • Liquid Gold (1-2x/week only)
  • Dew

If you have any questions, email me for further advice on how to best use these products for your needs.

Feel good about your purchase. See my return policy .

Return Policy

In the event that you need to return a product, we are pleased to accept returns for any unopened, unused products, within 14 days of purchase. Return shipping cost is paid by the customer. Please email with any concerns.

While we hope that you are 100% satisfied with the PFAM Skincare products, we regrettably cannot guarantee the satisfaction, appropriateness, or utility of each product for each person. Everyone's skin type, skin sensitivity, and health concerns are different, and we advise discussing your skincare choices with your personal medical doctor in advance of undertaking any new skincare routine.