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Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine - PFAM La Jolla - Dewpuff Original
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Tap into an ancient Asian beauty secret with these facial cleansing sponges for a clear, radiant and beautiful complexion.

  • When hydrated, these sponges become exceptionally soft, yet gently exfoliating, and unlike traditional washcloths can prevent small tears in the skin.
  • Made from the root of the konjac, which has a natural ability to break down dirt and promote circulation.
  • Dewpuff can be used alone or paired with your favorite cleanser and comes available in three varieties: Original, Asian Clay, and Bamboo Charcoal.
  • The Original is safe for all skin types, even for baby’s skin.
  • Asian clay is recommended for dry and aging skin.
  • The Bamboo Charcoal is best for acne prone and oily skin.
Dr. Zoe's Notes

You will not believe how smooth this sponge leaves your skin! It is even safe to use after facial rejuvenating treatments like chemical peels, lasers, and microneedling. The Dewpuff can be used for 3 months and then it should be replaced. If at anytime you need to sterilize the Dewpuff, drop it in boiling water for 2 minutes.

If you have any questions, email me for further advice on how to best use this product for your needs.

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