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This Month, Share the Love!

Share the Love

Everyone knows February is the Month of Love. But who says that love is just for lovers? I really believe that this month should be about more than just love between partners.

So for the entire month of February for our friends of Lucy Hernandez, I’m offering treatment specials in the office so that you can share the love with your friends, your partners, and most importantly, with yourself!

  • Love your friends - Bring in a gal or guy pal for microneedling, and receive $50 off each of your treatments.
  • Love your partner - Bring in your significant other for botox, and receive $50 off each of your treatments.
  • Love yourself - ALL intimate wellness treatments, including laser rejuvenation with RejuVAnate and the O-Shot (yup that stands for Orgasm Shot) are $250 off!

Redeeming is easy. Just book your appointment, mention Lucy Hernandez's Month of Love Special in the notes section, and come on in! Just keep in mind, treatments must be received within the month of February to be eligible for special pricing.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Just email me at, and I’d be happy to answer questions about any of the services.

Much love,

Dr. Zoe - Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine



Check out the Magic of Microneedling.

I wanted to share some incredible results that our nurse practitioner, Wendy has been able to achieve for one of our clients. In the below image, you can see the results after just 2 and then 3 treatments of microneedling. And since our client was breastfeeding, there were no fillers, no Botox and no retinol used during this time period - just microneedling!

For the entire month of February, you can get $50 off a microneedling treatment when you book with a friend! Just remember to mention Lucy Hernandez's Month of Love Special in the notes section.

PFAM - Microneedling Results

Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine

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